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Life Changer Steam Achievements and Global Leaderboard Guide

Welcome to the guide for Steam Achievements and the Global Leaderboard in Life Changer! There are 20 achievements available in the game, and this guide will provide you with tips on how to complete them. You will also find instructions on how to get onto the Global Leaderboard.

Life Changer Steam Achievements

To complete the achievements, focus on each of the listed goals and work towards achieving them by using the in-game mechanics and features. For example, to earn the above Beginner Survivor achievement, you must survive 10 in-game days.

To get onto the Global Leaderboard, players must complete all four life goals and sleep on their final victory day. After this, the player must watch the final winning cutscene where the main character returns to the village. This will trigger the update of their winning records on the leaderboard. Please note that some players may have stopped playing the game after completing the four life goals and seeing the news anchor report the new billionaire news. However, this will not end the game, and the winning records will not be updated until the final cutscene is viewed.

You can view the Global Leaderboard and compare your achievements with other players to see where you stand in the global rankings by visiting the following link:

Thank you for playing Life Changer, and we hope this guide helps you unlock all of the achievements and climb the Global Leaderboard!

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