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Building Strength, Endurance, and Fitness: A Guide to Succeeding in Life Changer Game

In Life Changer game, some jobs require characters to have a certain level of strength or fitness. For instance, security guards, bodybuilders, personal trainers, gym instructors, bouncers, police officers, detectives, and police chiefs need to have adequate strength. While all non-entry level jobs require some level of fitness.

To help your character develop these skills, players can visit the gym located at the north of the Burgerland and Cafe area, where they can train for free. However, every training session will reduce the player's energy and happiness and increase their hunger. The gym offers two training options, lifting weights and cycling on an exercise bike. Lifting weights will increase your character's strength, while cycling will improve their endurance.

To increase your character's fitness level, they need to have a combination of both strength and endurance. Although training endurance will increase fitness level much faster, every time your character's endurance or strength level increases to the next level, it will take longer to reach the next level. Therefore, if your character wants to increase their fitness level and their endurance level is already high, but their strength level is low, training endurance level may not be the best option to increase their fitness faster. Instead, it might be better to focus on improving strength levels as it is easier to level up from a low starting point.

In summary, developing your character's strength, endurance, and fitness is crucial for progressing through different job opportunities in Life Changer game. By training at the gym and balancing your character's strength and endurance levels, you can increase their overall fitness level and achieve greater success in their career.

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