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Inflation and Deflation Mechanics

The game features a dynamic living cost model where prices fluctuate randomly for all players. However, once the price changes occur, they will be the same for all players. For example, if a burger costs $2 and then increases to $3, all players will see the new price as $3. The price changes occur after the last player sleeps for the day, and a new day begins for all players.

Occasionally, major events such as market crashes or inflation will occur and be announced by a news anchor. When this happens, the scale of price increase or decrease will be massive. It's important for players to take note of the prices of everything, including food, items, housing, job salaries, business sale prices, upgrade costs, and more.

During inflation, prices in the game will increase. To cope with rising living costs, players can request a pay raise by clicking the 'Job Inquiry' button at work. If their pay is below market rate, their boss will likely approve the request. Business prices tend to decrease during inflation as businesses for sale are often losing money due to increased operating costs. It's also important to consider the increased upgrading costs required to turn the business around if you own or plan to buy a business.

During a market crash, prices in the economy tend to plummet, and some individuals may lose their jobs, forcing them to look for new employment opportunities with lower salaries based on the market rates. On the other hand, in this Life Simulation game, the purchase prices of businesses tend to increase because existing businesses become more valuable and in-demand for a few reasons.

Firstly, the overall economic conditions make it difficult for new businesses to start, which leads to fewer competitors and higher demand for existing businesses. Secondly, businesses that are on sale in this RPG game may have lower operating costs, which can result in higher profits for buyers. Additionally, during a market crash, upgrading costs to turn the business around in Life Changer game tend to decrease due to decreased demand and lower prices for materials and labor.

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