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1. Maximum Energy and Hunger Levels for the Day

Your character cannot exceed 100% in energy or hunger levels. This is similar to real life, where you cannot eat beyond your stomach's capacity or sleep more than necessary when fully rested.

2. Maintaining Adequate Hunger Levels

If your character's hunger level reaches zero, you will begin to lose energy at an accelerated rate with every action you take. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your character is well-fed to avoid depleting your energy levels.

3. Happiness Level Explained

At the end of each day in the game, your character's happiness level at the time of sleeping is recorded and used to determine the happiness winning goal for the following day. The amount of increase or decrease in happiness goal is determined by the happiness level as follows:

Once the happiness goal has been updated, your character's happiness level will be reduced by 20% for the new day if you have proper accommodation. If you slept on the street, your happiness level will be reduced by 30% instead.

Note that you can increase your happiness level beyond 100% for use on the next day, but the maximum increase in happiness goal per day is only 4%, regardless of how much extra happiness you have gained.

Early on in the game, it can be very challenging for players to achieve their happiness goals due to limited funds. Therefore, a sound strategy is to prioritize education and career goals before pursuing happiness. By building a solid foundation of skills and resources, players can increase their earning potential and ultimately enhance their overall happiness in the game.

4. Low Happiness

If your character's happiness falls too low while working, he will become depressed and earn significantly less pay. Therefore, it's important to maintain a minimum level of happiness while working.

5. Increasing Happiness

To boost your happiness level, try the following activities:

6. Items that Provide Daily Happiness Boosts

The following items provide a daily happiness boost (as a percentage, shown below) if you own them:

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