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Importance of Accommodation

There are 5 types of Accomodation available in the game: Motel, Hotel, Small House, 2 Storey House, and Mansion. Each type provides different benefits for your character's energy and happiness levels, as well as hunger. Houses offer better benefits than motel and hotel, and there are no check-in costs once you have purchased the house. The more expensive the house, the greater the benefits you'll receive when you sleep there.

During the early stages of the game, players usually have only enough money to stay at a motel. Therefore, if you're running low on energy, it's best to head to a motel to rest up as soon as possible.

Benefits of Each Accommodation:

If you are unable to find accommodation before your energy runs out, you will collapse and fall asleep on the street. The police will take you to the police station and fine you twice the cost of staying in a motel. This will also result in a 10% additional decrease in happiness and a 3% additional increase in hunger. Additionally, your character's energy level will only be restored to 40%.

Choose your accommodation wisely to balance your character's needs and budget!

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