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1. Understanding Electronics in the Game

At the mall, you can purchase three electronics: a camera, a mobile phone, and a TV. Each of them provides a significant happiness boost for the day, and additional happiness every time your character sleeps, as follows:

In addition to the happiness boost, players can use the mobile phone to check their character's stats, including their current job, salary, bank balance, workplace, work experience, strength level, endurance level, fitness level, highest education certification, assets, remaining durability of clothes, and selling prices of all businesses that are on sale.

Life Changer Game Phone Screenshots

2. Clothing Mechanics

In this game, all clothing can only be purchased at the mall, and each piece has a durability rating that decreases over time with use. This includes casual wear, formal attire, and boss suits. When a piece's durability reaches 0, it will disappear, and your character will automatically wear the next highest-ranked attire in your inventory. To prolong its lifespan before it becomes worn out, you can re-purchase the item or consider investing in higher quality clothing.

Higher quality clothing provides additional benefits in the form of happiness when your character sleeps, as follows:

Some job positions require employees to wear formal or business attire. If you are unable to meet the clothing requirement for a specific job, you may need to consider switching to a lower-ranked position to save money on purchasing the necessary clothes. The table below lists job positions with specific clothing requirements. Casual clothing is permitted for positions not listed in the table.

No. Workplace Job Clothes Requirement
1 Mall Sales Associate Formal
2 Mall Mall Supervisor Formal
3 Mall Assistant Manager Formal
4 Mall Store Manager Boss Suit
5 Mall General Manager Boss Suit
6 Burgerland Supervisor Formal
7 Burgerland Assistant Manager Formal
8 Burgerland Manager Boss Suit
9 Police HQ Detective Formal
10 Police HQ Police Chief Boss Suit
11 Pub Manager Formal
12 Cafe Manager Formal
13 ACorp Accountant Formal
14 ACorp Programmer Formal
15 ACorp Engineer Formal
16 ACorp Sales Manager Formal
17 ACorp Chief Engineer Formal
18 ACorp Deputy Director Boss Suit
19 ACorp Vice President Boss Suit
20 ACorp CIO Boss Suit
21 ACorp CFO Boss Suit
22 ACorp CEO Boss Suit
23 Ministry Secretary Formal
24 Ministry Programmer Formal
25 Ministry Consultant Formal
26 Ministry Program Manager Formal
27 Ministry Assistant Director Boss Suit
28 Ministry Deputy Secretary Boss Suit
29 Ministry Permanent Secretary Boss Suit
30 Bank Auditor Formal
31 Bank Investment Broker Formal
32 Bank Business Manager Boss Suit
33 Bank Executive Director Boss Suit
34 Hotel Receptionist Formal
35 Hotel Hotel Manager Boss Suit
36 University Teacher Formal
37 University Lecturer Formal
38 University Professor Boss Suit
39 Clinic Pharmacist Formal
40 Clinic Doctor Boss Suit

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